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All you readers are welcome to contribute any information or items from your own knowledge and or your experiences. This will be a continuing series of articles. I would like to thank the following people for their assistance in gathering this information. Once part of the former Barrett Divisions’ operations, was made a separate unit in 1958 for the purpose of intensifying research, customer service and market development in the plastics field. The divisions’ initial title – Plastics and Coal Chemicals, was shortened to Plastics in 1960. Barrett Division, one of the original member- firms. The Barrett Company started in Chicago, in 1854, with the first coal-tar still in America and the production of roofing for early western settlers.

One of the five concerns to form Allied Chemical in 1920 originated in 1895. Louis Semet, a relative of Ernest and Alfred Solvay of Brussels, Belgium, had developed with Solvay a coke oven designed to recover valuable materials formerly wasted in the coking process. At Syracuse, New York, in 1892 the Solvay Process Company was the first to construct the new by-product ovens in America, and three years later formed the Semet-Solvay Company to build and operate them. Created in 1968 to provide a better opportunity to develop the diverse marketing techniques required by certain product groups from the Industrial Chemicals Division. Prominent in the manufacture of dyes, dye intermediates, food colors, and detergents.

The new Division manufactured these and other organic chemicals at its plant in Buffalo, New York. Its organic pigments were made in Haledon, New Jersey, at the Harmon Colors plant acquired from the B. Was established in 1962, upon the merger of Union Texas Natural Gas Corp. The Union Texas organization dates back to 1891, when the well-known industrialist, Herman Frasch, formed the Union Sulphur Company in southern Louisiana, and developed his own mining process that was to revolutionize the sulphur industry. In 1965 a new chemical and fertilizer production center was to be constructed on a 3,300-acre site bordering the Mississippi River at Geismar, Louisiana, about 20 miles south of Baton Rouge.

Headquartered at 40 Rector Street, was formed in 1967 to consolidate two units: the International Division and the corporate international Development Department. The International Division had been organized in 1954 to centralize and coordinate the exports of various divisions, which over the years had found markets in many foreign lands. Originated in 1958 with the consolidation of five wholly owned Canadian subsidiaries: The Barrett Company Ltd. 1853 – Samuel arrived in Chicago, Illinois.