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OSS Security: That’s Real Mature Of You! Are West African Cybercriminals on Safari in your Network? A Poor Man’s Self-Defence Host Monitor. Practical Workflow for Automation and Orchestration of Addressing Cyber. Panel Topic: Mirai: How Did We Do? From Bullet Journal to Lessons Learned: How to Manage Coordination and Cooperation Development in Ad-hoc Working Environment?

Conference Banquet – All Attendees Welcome! When Phone Networks Go Down – Who You Gonna Call? Or What Questions Should We Be Asking and How Do We Get the Answers? You Don’t Need a Better Car, You Need to Learn How to Drive: On the Importance of Cyber-Defense Line Automation. Ronald Eddings is a Cyber Fusion Analyst with a diverse background in Network Security, Threat Intelligence, and APT Hunting.

Eddings has created a wide variety of security tools in efforts to automate the identification of malicious activity. Eddings has leveraged user behavior analytics to identify and track anomalous network activity. Marco Figueroa is a senior security analyst at Intel whose technical expertise includes reverse engineering of malware, incident handling, hacker attacks, tools, techniques, and defenses. He has performed numerous security assessments and responded to computer attacks for clients in various market verticals. A speaker at Defcon, Hope and other Security and Hacker Conference. He has a passion for Ruby on Rails and has built numerous tools and applications for analysis and consumption of threat intelligence and security data. Since the exhaustion of public IPv4 address space, the deployment of IPv6 is accelerating at a rapid pace.

Verizon Wireless’ mobile network is comprised of IPv6 enabled devices. It is mandatory that organizations develop strategies to adopt IPv6 to create new public content on the Internet. Unfortunately, security is often overlooked when deploying new network technologies such as IPv6. This talk presents insights into how an attacker may leverage IPv6 to enumerate and attack an IPv6 enabled network.

Additionally, a new modular framework will be presented to identify if an IPv6 enabled network is susceptible to be enumerated and attacked. Eyal is a technology leader and security researcher at Check Point. During the past six years, Eyal has been doing application and malware research developing new methods to track risks and anomalies on corporate enterprise networks. Software Engineering and currently working on his master’s degree in Computer Science. Development teams to help customers understand the current threat environment and how they can prevent attacks. With more than 15 years of Information Security experience, Gadi has been involved with cybersecurity solutions ranging from endpoint to network architecture models.

Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine. We found that the Long Tail theory is relevant for threats coming from the internet. Every day there are hundreds of thousands of new domains registered, many of which are used for scamming and cyber attacks. On a personal side, he’s the author of the DCSync attack included in Mimikatz and writes many papers in the French review MISC. There are a lot of scary presentations made by pentesters on security conferences. Some advices are communicated but they are technical ones and CISO, CERT, have difficulties to change the situation.