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FOR THE LATEST UPDATES AND TO OFFER YOUR OWN OPINION. 1 authority on the Long Island Medium. Our purpose is to expose the charismatic and compelling 47-year old TV star Theresa Caputo as a possible soothsaying charlatan rather than a legitimate psychic. We have made contact with a close family friend of the Caputos, who says Theresa Caputo is a fake. We have made their initial claims public here exclusively for the very first time. Caputo can’t do anything to stop it. Now they claim her marriage is falling apart – but is it?

Yet again, Caputo’s enemies have launched another slanderous, outrageous attack, claiming her marriage is falling apart and on the fast track toward divorce. But in a new story in The Christian Post, the Long Island medium’s father, Nicholas J. Brigandi, hits back against the claims, saying his daughter and her husband, Larry, are “doing just fine. But a lot of jealous people want to destroy them. THE WAR AGAINST CAPUTO – HAS IT GONE TOO FAR? Aside from the fact that Ron Tebo’s website is openly begging for the media to write him or call him for interviews, there are more than a few other signs Mr.