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Right now, Highly Capable students have a guaranteed pathway to Garfield High School with an option to attend Ingraham IBX. HC high school students in the north. Furthermore, there should not be an expansion of pathways in the south, and Garfield should remain the HC pathway for students in the south end. We strongly support and encourage the expansion of Advanced Placement courses at additional high schools, but that should not mean dispersing HC students into all high schools. We further recommend that all HC identified students be grandfathered in at their current school.

This committee has long held the position that decisions regarding program placement should not be driven by capacity issues. In our District, the highly capable service delivery model is a combination of acceleration together with increased depth. Over the course of several decades, the parents and teachers of HC students in Seattle have advocated for the same set of principles for the service and program delivery to HC students. We strongly urge the Superintendent and Board to take these points into consideration as they consider any changes to the pathways. Also this wording is a bit odd: “We further recommend that all HC identified students be grandfathered in at their current school.

Do they mean all students enrolled in HCC? If they really mean all HC identified students, wherever they attend school, then maybe it would make sense to recommend that all students, period, should be grandfathered in at their current school, which makes good sense, but it’s not clear that staff would agree to it. While I don’t agree with everything in this letter, I do concur with their conclusion. For a wide variety of reasons, it does make sense for Garfield to continue as the HCC site for South Seattle, and to continue their long-standing relationship with Washington as both a neighborhood feeder school and the HCC feeder school. I also concur that one HCC pathway location in North Seattle, plus IB as an option would work well. The fact is there are already 5 HCC Middle Schools.

So then, why only two HCC High schools? The Logical follow through would be 5 HCC High Schools. This would keep each of the HCC middle school cohorts together. If someone knows why this would be impractical, please speak up, because it seems the obvious solution to me. And because Roosevelt has their own proud program that will not accept change. Which really leaves few other options as IB isn’t great for HCC. So find another school up north wanting to take HCC on.